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Covid-19 Mitigation Measures

Coronavirus Update (February 11th 2022)

The Village Hall Committee is pleased to announce that, in accordance with the national lockdown-easing 'road map', the Hall is now fully reopened for bookings. However. Covid 19 will remain a feature in our lives for the foreseeable future so we will need to learn to live with it and manage the risk to ourselves and to others. For this reason, some Covid-19 mitigation measures will remain in place, as below, and all hall users are asked to adhere to them. A copy of these conditions can be downloaded from here.


These conditions are supplemental to, not a replacement for, the Hall's ordinary conditions of hire.

  1. You, the hirer, will be responsible for ensuring that those attending your activity or event comply with the following additional measures as agreed by the Mountnessing Village Hall Trustees.
  2. If anyone is unwell or has been told to self-isolate they must not enter this building.
  3. No more than 100 people are to attend an event at one time.
  4. All persons entering the Hall should sanitise their hands on entry and departure, and as frequently as practical whilst at the Hall.
  5. The event organiser should ensure there is no overcrowding in areas of restricted space, namely the entrance lobby, the kitchen, the toilets and the storage area where the brooms and vacuum cleaner are kept, and encourage the wearing of face coverings while within such an area.
  6. The event organiser should ensure the windows are opened to allow good ventilation within the Main Hall and Kitchen as appropriate to the prevailing weather conditions.
  7. The event organizer has the right to introduce event-specific additional Covid-19 mitigation practices and where the event is governed by an appropriate national organisation, then advice offered by that organisation should be followed.
  8. Please feel free to use the wipes available to wipe light switches, door and window handles.

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